Tari Tari pilgrimage to visit Wakana's home

Wakana's home locate in middle of Enoshima.
This store named "Aburaya shoten"
You can visit there!

Map for Aburaya Shoten.

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Shakugan no Shana pilgrimage to Omiya in Saitama

Misaki-city in Shakugan no Shana is modeled for Omiya in Saitama.

Map for Omiya in Saitama

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Bakemonogatari pilgrimage in Iogi station located shaft

In Bakemonogatari, Places around Iogi Station appears because Shaft is locate there.
Photo of Iogi station from Opening movie.

Map for Iogi Station.

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Lucky Star pilgrimage to Kasukabe Station

Lucky Star is modeled for Kasukabe. And Kasukabe Station is appear many times.

Map for Kasukabe Station.

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K-ON! pilgrimage in Toyosato elementary school.

Sakuragaoka High School is based for Toyosato elementary school.
Details for Toyosato elementary school with pictures.


Statues in Ground

Entrance and introspection.

Foot steps to music room.

Music room and equipment which K-ON! freaks left.

Map for Toyosato elementary school. Free entrance in 9:00-17:30.

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Infinite Stratos pilgrimage to Odaiba, Tokyo

In Infinite Stratos, Ichika and Charlotte have a date at Venus Fort in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Map for Venus Fort in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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Full metal panic fumoffu pilgrimage to Jindai high school in Chofu.

Full metal panic fumoffu is modeled for Chofu and there are Jindai High school.

Map for Chofu

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